Women After Liposuction Procedure

After my wife and some friends went through a liposuction procedure, and had to deal with the recovery - we looked for ways to speed up the process and make sure it heals as well as possible. 

We poured through online websites, social media, asked our friends and more… We went and looked at medical supply shops… The result was always the same - there’s no product available that was designed specifically for post surgery massage. 

And even more importantly - there was no massage tool designed with the post-liposuction patient in mind. 

We kept thinking… 

“Why isn’t something like this available?” 

Eventually, we took it into our own hands. We did extensive research on massage devices, massage techniques, and found out exactly what happens during the liposuction recovery process. 

The result? 

You’re looking at it - this is how the LipoRoller® was born. 

There were dozens of people we knew that would use it, and we knew that every single liposuction patient in the world could benefit from something like this - so we created it.