The LipoRoller ® is...


Made from safe, hygienic material, the easy-to-use, self-administered LipoRoller® smooths, shapes, and contours skin following surgery so you can be sure you see the results you want.


The LipoRoller® is designed to be used over your compression garment, meaning you’ll avoid the discomfort often associated with removing surgical apparel.


Feel the toxins as they're flushed from your body! Try the efficient, effective LipoRoller® today from the comfort of your home or office for results that are truly evident.

The Original Liporoller® is
a recovery MUST..


Our Satisfied Customers!

I used Liporoller post surgery and I must say it helped a lot with drainage and swelling. I used it In combination with Massages which are expensive btw. Having the roller was the trick to seeing fast results. I would highly recommend anyone getting Lipo or a TT to use it.

- EY B.

I had lipo on inner thighs which is a difficult area to keep smooth. I start using this roller along with some anti-cellulite oil about 5 days after surgery just very lightly once a day. then I began using it more aggressively after 2 weeks. I honestly think that it healed my healing process, as my bruising started fading very quick and I hardly have any lumps at all. the area look good so far. its only been 3 weeks since the surgery and the bruising is almost gone completely, there are still some sore/numb areas as expected, but no lumps! also I would like to mention that when I received this product, the company sent me a personal hand written letter with tips on how to use it and a thank you note, which was really nice.

- JessicaB

Great product! Firm, perfect size and feels amazing. I can already feel my skin loosening after the first use. I had a mommy makeover a few weeks ago and still have some areas that are swollen and very firm..this will help loosen them. The size of this item allows you to use it on yourself, which is good for when you dont have someone around. Came with a personalized thank you note and instructions. I reccomend this to anyone that's had lipo!!

- Shanese H

This has been a life saver. Their customer service is beyond any expectation and their actual product is so amazing and has helped my legs and every area that I’ve had liposuctioned that I am so grateful. My surgeon loved the concept and thinks my amazing swelling reduction 2 weeks post op is because of this product. This is a must for people undergoing Lipo- it’s immediate the swelling reduction and lymphatic draining and pain management!! Thank you for such great customer service and attention in answering concerns and questions!

- Nadine

After having lipoabdominoplasty, I needed something to massage my “lumps” out. This does the trick nicely. Just using it at night before I go to bed makes a world of difference in the morning. I could also see myself using it later on for sore muscles.

It also came with a personal note. Excellent customer service!!! Thank you!

- chs

Fast shipping! Got this for my upcoming TT & bbl waist & back lipo. Can’t wait to try it post op. Will update once I put it to good use. Other than its very well made, rubbery and when I tried it out on my thigh with firm pressure it released lots of tension.

Also, the personalized note was a great touch! I haven’t even used it but I know it’ll be great and I’ve told all my surgery buddies about it lol

- N.
Specifically Designed
for the Liposuction Client
Endorsed by Surgeons
and Therapists
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While the LipoRoller® is designed to work proficiently on its own, to receive maximum results, we suggest using it in conjunction with a professional massage treatment.

For lymphatic drainage:

  • Ten minutes every day for two weeks, post-surgery.

For scar tissue:

  • Fifteen minutes every day for three months.

Benefits may include:

  • Edema reduction
  • Fibrosis reduction
  • Scar tissue prevention
  • Infection prevention


about us

After my wife and some friends went through a liposuction procedure, and had to deal with the recovery - we looked for ways to speed up the process and make sure it heals as well as possible.

We poured through online websites, social media, asked our friends and more… We went and looked at medical supply shops… The result was always the same - there’s no product available that was designed specifically for post surgery massage.

And even more importantly - there was no massage tool designed with the post-liposuction patient in mind.

We kept thinking…

“Why isn’t something like this available?”

Eventually, we took it into our own hands. We did extensive research on massage devices, massage techniques, and found out exactly what happens during the liposuction recovery process.

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