It goes without saying that a professional LDM massage therapist is the best qualified for the situation. However, in the event that you are looking to refrain from professional services, you can DIY or Do It Yourself at home.

Post Liposuction Massage

Check out these instructions on how best to perform a Self-Lymphatic Massage:

  • Position your index and middle fingers just above the collarbone, in the indent area.
  • Gently move your fingers upwards towards the neck region.
  • Start rubbing tenderly in a clockwise fashion towards the direction of your chest.
  • Make sure you drive the lymph towards the node, as this will encourage the lymph fluids to flush throughout the body, decreasing pressure.
  • Press and firmly pull the skin under your armpit in the direction of your neck. You will need to repeat this act several times.
  • Massage your entire thigh area with a flat hand towards the direction of your inner knee region. But be careful to not apply heavy pressure, as this increases the risk of flattening your lymph nodes.
  • The final act will require you to massage the back of your knee in a pushing and scooping motion.



Self-massage, if done right can help accelerate your recovery, especially when you cannot afford it. Being careful and focused on the technique effects relaxation. Even if you get a professional LDM therapist, you might even be instructed to do it at home yourself, as the lymph fluids need to be disintegrated constantly from the underlying channels and tunnels under the skin.