Post Liposuction Massage

A Liposuction surgical procedure leads to pooling of excess lymphatic fluids, which further results in swelling and discomfort. Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) uses specialized massage techniques to accelerate the recuperation period of the patient. LDM is a proven measure to counter post-liposuction stress, with most patients needing 4 to 6 treatments to remove a bulk part of the excess fluid.

Post Liposuction Massage

Here, we will concentrate on the importance of post liposuction massage, and how it can benefit you:


Use Of LipoRoller In Post Liposuction Massage

  • The goal is to drain lymph fluids. Lymphatic Drainage Massage targets those areas of the body that process the lymph fluids, along with the lymph nodes.
  • Liposuction creates lumpiness in the affected areas of a patient’s body, which is considered as a normal post-surgical incident. Surgical instruments may cause the skin to swell with fluid and left-over fat, causing inflammation. Here, LDM helps to move the fluids back into the lymph passages.
  • The fluids and left-over fats tend to harden after one to three of surgery. This can lead to Fibrosis, that is, permanent hardening of the area. LDM ensures the patient achieves the best possible result.
  • LDM is all about massaging in the right place and applying the right amount of pressure. So LDM treatment is advisable by all professional medical experts after 4th to 5th day of the surgery.


Post liposuction massage done the right way has the capability to relax both your body and find effectively, despite post-surgery complications. Professionals who are well versed at massaging and pressing just the right areas of your body can make any discomfort seem like a distant dream.