Massaging in Lymphatic Drainage system

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an extremely soothing massage that helps to transfer fluids from the congested and swollen areas towards the drainage areas in the lymphatic system, reducing pain, improving relaxation and enhancing immune system function. It is also responsible for enhancing the production of lymphocytes, boosting immunity.

Massaging In Lymphatic Drainage ystem

Manual lymph drainage can be used to improve different conditions and issues of the human body. Some of these are:

  • Swelling due to sprains and strains
  • Pre-operative care (helps in stimulating the system)
  • Post-operative care specifically for orthopedic issues, namely knee replacement, rotator cuff repair as well as cosmetic surgeries like breast reductions, tummy tuck, facelift
  • Post-mastectomy care
  • Lymphedema; Swelling [edema] due to lymph fluids


Massaging In Lymphatic Drainage System

  1. Lymphatic massage assists the lymph system to unload sluggish tissues comprising of waste and swelling.
  2. Gentle pressure to subdermal lymph vessels causes increased fluid build-up or muscle contractions. An expert massage therapist can cause enough lymph node stimulation via light pressures in a rhythmic, circular motion to ensure that the fluids flow back to the heart.
  3. Furthermore, this will create free space along vessel pathways, which will help retrain the lymph system to work better for long-term health benefits.
  4. Massage therapists who are well versed in lymphatic drainage therapy, which is the advanced form of lymphatic massage, can identify the correct rhythm, direction, and quality of the lymphatic flow and remap the drainage pathways.
  5. Surgical procedures which involve lymph node removal and in milder cases are treatable by lymphatic massages.
  6. Estheticians are well trained in a very specific form of the lymphatic massage. For example, in case of a facial, the esthetician will gently massage the face to help improve the lymph flow, which ensures that toxins don’t build up in the skin.
  7. Lymph massage can also play a vital part in the care program for fibromyalgia (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome), and by encouraging lymph flow, immunity is greatly amplified and vitality is restored.


The lymphatic system forms a big part of the overall immune response of the human body against continuous exposure to micro-organisms. There are various infections and fatalities that the human immune system is not equipped to deal with. With properly applied massage by trained hands, you can keep this system healthy and working for a comfortable physical state.