A Post-Surgery Checklist

A Post-Surgery Checklist


  • STAY POSITIVE: It is normal to experience negative emotions such as sadness after surgery. You may feel unsure or anxious during this time. Focus on staying positive. Remember that being positive and relaxed can make the recovery process easier and faster. Yet another good reason to have someone you trust around! 

Stay Positive - A Post-Surgery Checklist

  • SHOWERING AFTER SURGERY: You can (and should) shower 48 hours after your surgery if you feel well enough. When you’re in the shower, don’t lock the door and always tell someone that you’re in there. Keep a plastic chair or stool in your shower if you need to sit down at all. 
  • SEX AFTER SURGERY: There are no stringent guidelines here, but many surgeons will say you have to manage your three E’s after surgery: emotions, exercise, and eroticism. 
  • TAKE THE PRESCRIBED PAIN MEDS: You may choose to avoid taking pain medication. However, this is not a very good idea. The discomfort you feel may cause you to be anxious, irritable, and stressed. Stress has been found to significantly affect the rate of recovery. Take antibiotics to avoid an infection. Some doctors recommend making a medication chart if you are likely to forget to take medication. Treating yourself to a massage is another great way to let yourself relax 
  • STAY NOURISHED AND HYDRATED: Your body is working overtime to heal itself. Try to eat even if you do not want to eat anything. Drinking lots of fluids will help to flush out toxins from your body.

 Stay Nourished And Hydrated - A Post-Surgery Checklist 

  • Limit movement: To avoid complications, you’ll need to limit your movements. Avoid picking up anything heavy including children. Avoid doing activities that require you to bend—this can increase blood pressure on your wounds. 
  • REMEDY FOR SWELLING: Have ice packs or bags of frozen vegetables on hand to help with swelling and bruising. 
  • NOTE: Keep your doctor’s contact information near you at all times in case you have questions or experience complications.
  • LIPOROLLER: To facilitate post-surgery massage to help you recover faster without any reliance on external help, you could use the Liporoller. Here, you can adjust the specific pressure and massage after the first few days of your surgery. It may help disintegrate scar tissue, lower swelling and lymphatic congestion, remove bodily toxins and prevent the collection of fluid. LipoRoller

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